It’s not “family drama.” It’s femicide!

Bojana Jovanovska


In the race for greater readership, the essence of gender-based violence cases is completely ignored, and the victim’s voice is hurled into the...

Religious tolerance in Macedonia: A familiar but rarely practiced concept

Sonja Stojadinovic


Religious tolerance is built by getting to know others, a clarification that their diversity is not a threat to us or our religious...

Sex-selective Abortions: Patriarchy’s Wake-Up Call


Adora Limani The issue of sex-selective abortions is a wake-up call for the severity of undervalued daughters, women, and girls. This summer, I met M, a woman in her early thirties from a small town in North Macedonia. M shared with me the story of her motherhood...

Croatian judiciary imposes disgraceful verdicts to protect abusers – especially those in position of power

Bojana Guberac


Bojana Guberac The case of Mara Tomasevic, which was all over the media in recent years, clearly depicts how the Croatian judiciary, despite recent triumphs of civil society, continues to protect perpetrators – especially those in positions of power. However, the...