Serbia’s road to collective immunity: Some will live to tell the story


Denis Kolundzija The enthusiasm in the first months of this year regarding the mass vaccination in Serbia was so high that in March, the country was ranked highest in Europe in terms of the number of fully vaccinated people per million inhabitants. Eight months later,...

Tear gas instead of vaccines


Biljana Žikić With only 48% of the population vaccinated, the impermissible missteps of the expert COVID-19 staff and with mass anti-vaccination protests, it is obvious that the vaccination campaign in Slovenia was extremely unsuccessful. Instead of persuading as...

Sex-selective Abortions: Patriarchy’s Wake-Up Call


Adora Limani The issue of sex-selective abortions is a wake-up call for the severity of undervalued daughters, women, and girls. This summer, I met M, a woman in her early thirties from a small town in North Macedonia. M shared with me the story of her motherhood...

Why is it taking so long for the pandemic to end in Macedonia?


Haris Babačić, PhD At the beginning of the pandemic, we estimated that it would probably last for two years. Today, a year and seven months later, I’m wondering if that will be the case with Macedonia. Not because of the lack of mechanisms and means to reach the...

Beyond Conspiracy Theories: How Mismanagement Shaped the Vaccination in Albania

Barbara Halla


Barbara Halla While June had seemed like the moment Albania had turned the corner, with infection rates dropping in the single digits, by the end of July (after a record number of visitors had entered Albania, surpassing pre-pandemic numbers), the tide had turned. In...

The lack of vaccines led to panic in B&H, yet now they are going to waste

Mladen Obrenovic


Mladen Obrenović With considerable lack of trust and a strong influence of opponents to vaccination, but also the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina was quite late to start mass immunization, the percentage of vaccinated citizens is extremely low. The latest data...

The “freedom fighters“ that threaten Slovak democracy

Michaela Ružičková


Michaela Ružičková Despite the relatively good pandemic situation in Slovakia during the summer of 2021, the state faced an extensive anti-vaccination and anti-government campaign. It was aimed primarily against vaccination, pandemic measures and restrictions. The...

The looming collapse of liberal democracy

Ridvan Peshkopia


Ridvan Peshkopia The West could serve the rest of the word as an exhibition of terrible and visibly failed ideas, including Communism, Fascism, Nazism, feminism, anarchism and, lately, liberalism. The COVID-19 pandemic presented the international public with the...

Why is Albania becoming the ship everyone wants to abandon?

Nertila Maho


Nertila Maho Citizens, refugees, migrants, it doesn’t matter, it seems that nobody sees a bright future in Albania. Around 300BC nearly 6000 Illyrian fighters fled the country after the assassination of king Kliti by Alexander the Great. They migrated to a place...

Four potential obstacles for further political rise of Dimitar Apasiev and the Left (Levica)

Kristijan Fidanovski


Kristijan Fidanovski The Left Party has been on the rise at least since the name change referendum in 2018. However, in the long run, this rise may be jeopardized by personnel and geographical constraints, ideological eclecticism, Euroscepticism and the low coalition...