Why Reflector?

In a sea of ​​information, partial information, propaganda and fake news, we face the need to find clear, accessible and understandable facts on a daily basis.

Countless times we have heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. When you add numbers and facts to that, you will, in fact, see what the team behind Reflector’s Facebook and Twitter channels does.

Good online communication demands a good story and a good graphical display. Reflector are here to lay the groundwork, to place the data under a magnifying glass so as to give space to other media to shape the story around them. That is precisely why this case study is dedicated to this very initiative, which is also specific because it is completely self-initiated.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/reflektor.mk/

Reflector Twitter – https://twitter.com/reflektor_mk

How did it all start?

Infographics are often included in campaign communications dedicated to specific topics and issues. Aside from campaign and project communications, there are many occasions and statistics for which a good infographic can be created, helping shed light on a segment of the truth about a particular current topic.

That exact need to create infographics that will quickly connect with current topics was the reason for creating Reflector, sometime in early 2017. Since then, over 180 infographics have been published.

Principal goal of the activity

The main goal of Reflector is to improve Macedonian society and public discourse. By presenting reliable and relevant data in the form of infographics

Achieved results

More than 10 thousand users follow the Facebook page, but the average reach consistently surpasses that number by far, primarily due to the numerous shares and reposts. Record numbers are obtained for content that has received over 500 shares and has reached an audience of more than 180,000 users. It is important to note that all these results have been achieved without an additional budget allocated for the promotion of the posts themselves.

Infographic, more than just designing a graph

Infographics are an excellent tool for creating viral content that can be easily disseminated on social media.

Reflector is just one example in a series of local and global examples of mass sharing of various activist messages.

Although seemingly easy to create, infographics require a mix of knowledge and experience, in order to be effective. An infographic is not just about graphically designing a few numbers or graphs, it is about visually enhancing the basic message you wish to convey. In that context, it is not enough for a designer to be involved in the production, someone who knows well which message should be communicated with the given visualization should also be included.

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