Who are SOS Children's Village?

Today, SOS Children’s Village takes care of children and young people left without parental care and is dedicated to its work in the field of social prevention. It strengthens families at social risk, where children are most at risk of losing parental care.

At the same time, it implements numerous programs and projects for children and youth at social risk, as well as capacity building projects for the institutions and professionals working in the system of providing care to children without parental care. It actively advocates and lobbies for the realization of children’s rights, as well as for changes in laws and bylaws, in order to create a favorable environment for the provision of high-quality social services.

SOS Children’s Village website – https://sos.org.mk/

SOS Superheroes – https://sos.org.mk/sos-superheroi/

What was the cause for such an activity?

SOS Children’s Village is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, part of the network of SOS Children’s Villages International, which has been operating for 70 years across 136 countries, with a common goal – care and protection of children and young people at risk, striving to ensure that “No child grows up alone”.

The cause, in this case, was to provide funds for the functioning of the programs of SOS Children’s Village in Macedonia and increase the visibility of the brand SOS Children’s Village.

Aleksandra Spasevska – Expert for securing funds and communications

Principal goal of the activity

SOS Children’s Village is continuously trying to diversify the portfolio of donors, especially individual donors. Therefore, this long-term campaign activity aims to:

  • Raise public awareness of the need for support
  • Secure donations

Selection of communication channels

The central location of the website is the specially designed landing page: https://sos.org.mk/sos-superheroi/. Of course, visitors come to it through social media, the main website of SOS Children’s Village as well as through PR texts. Additionally, there have been guest appearances on several TV stations and offline events in Skopje City Mall.

Duration of the activity

The World of SOS Superheroes Campaign has been running since October 2019 and, in a way, it is a continuation of last year’s activity “Replace Those Who Are Irreplaceable”, which was created with an identical goal.

Achieved results

The number of supporters and funds that have been raised changes every day and is publicly available on the website. In addition to these donations, which are far more important as an activity of the supporters themselves than as collected funds, we note an increased number of followers on social media (30% FB, 50% Instagram), and of course increased website traffic.

What's next?

SOS Children’s Village continuously initiates awareness-raising campaigns as well as fundraising campaigns. Thus, this year we were active, in cooperation with Osiguruvanje Makedonija and the home insurance campaign, through which we ensured an energy efficient reconstruction of a family home of the foster families within the SOS Children’s Village Skopje. We also collaborated with the Skopje Marathon, and through the Givengain platform we encouraged influential individuals to create their own Fundraiser for the SOS Children’s Village. We joined forces with the IT companies SLICE and Codeflair and for the second time we successfully realized the IT4Charity initiative.