Билјана Жикиќ е доктор по медиумски науки и антропологија. Се бави со новинарство и истражување на медиумите, родовите прашања и малцинствата. Таа е новинар на Првата програма на Радио Словенија и уредник и водител на авторска емисија на Радио Студент. Пишува за регионални портали. Го води Културниот центар „Данило Киш“ во Љубљана.

Tear gas instead of vaccines

Biljana Žikić

Biljana-Zikik-200x250With only 48% of the population vaccinated, the impermissible missteps of the expert COVID-19 staff and with mass anti-vaccination protests, it is obvious that the vaccination campaign in Slovenia was extremely unsuccessful. Instead of persuading as many people as possible, the government, with its clumsy and unprofessional communication and untrustworthy communicators who have zero credibility with the people, incessant corruption scandals, constant repression, introduction of political rather than health protection measures and its authoritarian rule, has continuously lost both credibility and candidates for vaccination.

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