Денис Колунџија е новинар и заменик главен и одговорен уредник на порталот „Цензоловка“. Пишува за „Војводински истражувачко-аналитички центар“ (VOICE) и за порталот „Американски избори“. Живее во Нови Сад.

Serbia’s road to collective immunity: Some will live to tell the story

Denis Kolundzija

Denis-Kolundzija-400x500The enthusiasm in the first months of this year regarding the mass vaccination in Serbia was so high that in March, the country was ranked highest in Europe in terms of the number of fully vaccinated people per million inhabitants. Eight months later, less than half of the total population has been vaccinated, and Serbia is once again ranking highest in Europe, but also fourth in the world! - this time, unfortunately, in terms of the number of new cases of Covid-19 per million inhabitants.

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