Priracnik za mediumska pismenost 150x215

In the third decade of the twenty-first century, promising new climate commitments have already been made. More and more governments and large corporations are setting targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But much remains to be done. The rapid spread of the Delta strain of the coronavirus and the myriad of extreme forest fires and storms around the world were a hellish harbinger of an increasingly probable future. The joint publication of Res Publica and Project Syndicate "New Summits" focuses on possible solutions with which we will be more prepared to face that future.

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Priracnik za mediumska pismenost 150x215

The School of Journalism and Public Relations and the Media Diversity Institute of London have developed a "Handbook for Media Literacy for Youth, Media and Civil Society Organizations". It contains useful tips on how all of these groups can promote media literacy.

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Mediumskata pismenost vo Makedonija obid za impelementacija vo osnovnoto obrazovanie 150x215

The School of Journalism and Public Relations, with the support of the Bureau for Development of Education, conducted the research "Media Literacy in Macedonia: Efforts for Implementation in Elementary Education", in order to determine how this concept is treated in curricula, which forms of acquiring knowledge for media literacy are used (didactic material, equipment, space conditions, etc.) and what is the education of the teaching staff for media literacy.

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Priracnik za gragjanskite organizacii edicija 150x215

The manual "How to communicate more effectively with citizens through digital media: a manual for civil society organizations" provides an overview of the opportunities offered by digital media as opposed to traditional ones. It addresses how digital media can help CSOs to promote their activities, projects and initiatives. The handbook also contains practical tips for creating effective messages, segmenting the audience, and tips on which digital tools are most appropriate for certain audiences, how to most easily measure the impact of social media and how to prepare a social media plan to help them. of CSOs to get closer to their target audience.

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pogolema odgovornost ili zasilena propaganda novinarska etika vo digitalnata era 150x215

The policy document "Greater Responsibility or Enhanced Propaganda: Journalism Ethics in a Digital Era" focuses on the challenges and problems facing digital journalism. The document provides an overview of legislation in the field, an overview of cases from practice, and recommendations on how the media and journalists should report professionally and ethically.

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Govor na omraza vo mediumite vo Makedonija

The document "Freedom of Expression VS Hate Speech in the Media in Macedonia" focuses on the problem of hate speech that exists in the media community in Macedonia. The document provides an overview of European and Macedonian legislation in the field, cases from practice, as well as recommendations for effective and systematic dealing with hate speech.

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povrzuvanje so gragjanite edicija 150x215

The analysis "Connecting Citizens: Digital Communications in the Civil Society Sector in Macedonia" addresses the benefits and the need for efficient and effective communication of civil society organizations with their target groups and the general public using modern communication tools and techniques. In addition, it explores the capacities and resources available to CSOs that address digital communications and the extent to which they use digital tools to convey their messages to the public and target groups.

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Regulacija na onlajn mediumi za web FINAL 150x215

The document "Strengthening professional standards or free speech erosion: regulation of online media in Macedonia" addresses issues related to online media regulation and the challenges and problems arising from this process. The document analyzes domestic and European legislation in the field, and offers recommendations for improvement in the area, applicable to different stakeholders in Macedonian society.

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Building Trust in Media in SEE 150x215

The analysis "Back to the Drawing Board: Crafting an ideal journalism curricula for South East Europe" aims to determine the constituent elements of the ideal South East European Journalism Curriculum (SEE), taking into account the different structural and socio-political circumstances with which facing journalistic education in this region. The aim of the research is to encourage higher education institutions to follow the recommendations included in it and to evaluate and modify their curricula in journalism by following the indicators set out in this research.

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Idninata na javniot radiodifuzen servis MK 150x215

How can the Macedonian Radio and Television (MRT) be transformed into a modern broadcasting medium close to the citizens? To do this, a different normative model of public service is needed from that now embedded in the legislation - a participatory model of public media service. The changes that need to be made must be comprehensive - from changing the regulations, providing appropriate independent and stable sources of funding, developing a comprehensive strategy for the development of MRT and internal organizational and technological-production activities. The Public Policy Document "Participatory Model for Public Media in Macedonia: Reviving an Idea" was prepared within the project "The Prospect and Development of Public Service Media: A Comparative Study of PSB development in Western Balkans in Light of European Integration".

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kampanji za javen interes dokumenti i rezime 150x215

The analysis "Campaigns of public interest in the Macedonian way: informing the citizens or political propaganda?" aims to determine whether the public interest campaigns that were conducted in the media in Macedonia over the past few years were of public interest or served the interests of political elites or other institutions? The analysis also addresses the Macedonian legislation and whether it is respected during the implementation of these campaigns. The document includes recommendations for improvement in the area.

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baranje za sistemski mediumski reformi 150x215

In anticipation of the forthcoming reforms in the media sphere arising from the Przino Agreement, a group of media organizations submitted a request to the Government to implement systemic media reforms emphasizing the priority issues that require urgent legal changes and practical measures to be implemented by competent institutions. The Government is also required to initiate an inclusive and transparent process of public debate with all stakeholders, both on priority and other issues, the resolution of which may lead to improved freedom of expression and the situation in the media sector.

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pod oko na javnosta 150x215

The purpose of the analysis "Under the public’s eye: the right to privacy of public figures in Macedonia" is to determine whether information about public figures published in the media satisfies the so-called "Public interest test", i.e. whether the media properly balance the right of privacy of those persons with the right of the public to "know". The document also provides an overview and analysis of legislation in the field.

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Mediumska pismenost komplet FINAL 150x215

The School of Journalism and Public Relations conducted the research "Media Literacy in Macedonia: the missing link for active citizenship". In addition to explaining the concept of "media literacy" and how it is defined in international regulation, the report analyzed the situation in this area from a local perspective, i.e. how media literacy is understood and practiced in secondary education, civil society and media in Macedonia. The research was conducted with the support of the European Union.

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Komunikacija protesti FINAL za web malaslika 150x215

The aim of the research "Rallying for Change: Restoring Government Accountability through Civil Protests" is to see the communication practices of the media, activists and representatives of state institutions during some of the civil protests that took place in Macedonia in 2014 and 2015. That is, how these stakeholders communicated with their target groups, and how their activities were framed in the media.

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BP MKD FINAL 08.07 150x215

A group of experts and civil society organizations, including the Institute of Communication Studies, have prepared a Proposal for Urgent Democratic Reform aimed at restoring democratic standards and values in Macedonia, and restoring citizens' trust in key state institutions.

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Privatnost i javniot interes 150x215

The purpose of this document is to analyze the balance between the right to privacy and the right to inform the public. The document addresses European and Macedonian privacy legislation, examples from the practice of media reporting in Macedonia in this regard, and offers recommendations for improving privacy and information policies.

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priracnik mediumite 11 03 2016 150x215

The Handbook of Public Interest Journalism summarizes generally accepted values, principles, standards, and practices in the journalistic profession. Based on ethical journalism codes, domestic and foreign media regulation, and work policies in the world's most influential news outlets, the handbook provides clear criteria for determining public interest in the news. In addition to the 10 basic principles of journalism, the handbook introduces a test of public interest in journalism.

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policy Brief 150x215

The Institute of Communication Studies has prepared a Policy Brief in which it assesses the situation in the media sector in Macedonia in the context of the recommendations made by the Group of Senior Experts led by Reinhard Priebe. The summary contains precise evidence whose conclusion is that Macedonia has not created the basic conditions for fair and democratic elections in April 2016.

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mediumite i javniot interes vo mk 150x215

"Media in Macedonia: Guardians of the Public or Hostages of Political Interests" analyzes the role of the media in protecting the public interest in Macedonia, and the way the Macedonian media treat the public interest in reporting. The document analyzes Macedonia's media legislation and offers recommendations for strengthening the role of the media in protecting the public interest in Macedonia.

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sudovi i Javen interes 150x215

"Courts: guardians of the public interest or individual interests" deals with the more important issues related to the public interest in terms of enjoying the basic freedoms and rights of citizens and legal entities in Macedonia. The purpose of the document is to show the different views on the role of the courts in balancing individual freedoms and rights and the public interest.

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dekonstruiranje 25 09 2015 150x215

The baseline report "Deconstructing the concept of public interest in the Republic of Macedonia: (mis) use on behalf of citizens" provides a comprehensive overview of what constitutes public interest, and how this term is used in various legal and ethical contexts. In addition, the report identifies key stakeholders who protect the public interest in a society and identifies best practices in the field.

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znacenjeto zad naslovite 150x215

"Reporting on Interreligious and Interethnic Tensions: The Meaning Behind the Headlines" focuses on media coverage of issues of a multiethnic and multi-religious nature and respect for professional journalistic standards in informing the public.

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mediumite na zaednicite 150x215

"Reporting from parallel worlds: the media of the communities in Macedonia" opened serious questions about the rights of ethnic communities in the media sphere in Macedonia, the regulatory policy in this area and the challenges posed to the journalistic professional community.

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sozdavanje vesti 150x215

"Diversity through the prism of newsrooms: An insight into the news production process" shows the situation in newsrooms and the views and perceptions of editors, journalists and some media owners on topics related to reporting on diversity.

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audiovizuelni kreativni industrii 150x215

This publication encompasses the most significant documents that emerged from the project "Measuring the economic contribution of audiovisual industries in Macedonia". The guidelines for the development of the audiovisual industries contain the ideas and measures proposed by the representatives of this sector during numerous discussions and meetings, as well as the Operational Plan for their realization.

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