ResPublica is an academic blog of the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS). It presents an initiative on digital citizenship, aiming to strengthen the role of the academic and expert community in the protection of public interest.

By producing contents for blogs, vlogs, video podcasts and other products, ResPublica is establishing a professional network of professors, analysts, researchers, journalists, civic activists, experts, public officials and students who analyse issues of public interest. ResPublica presents the information in a factual, objective and neutral manner and is an independent source of views of the academic and expert community. Its contributors are professionals who are experts in their fields and influence the creation of policies they discuss. In this way, it enables the public to form opinions and make decisions in an informed manner.

ResPublica is a free resource and all citizens can freely read, comment, share or repost the contents, in accordance with our rules. The blog fills the gap that exists between the media and the media’s need for a continuous and reliable sources of information in order to produce in-depth analysis of issues that otherwise would not be noticed by the general public. Therefore, the media are free to use the blog contents and they have access to professionally elaborated topics. At the same time, ResPublica provides policy makers with timely and easy access to relevant research and opinions of key factors in society.

Another important aspect is that the academic blog ResPublica contributes to the scientific and research activities of ICS, by publishing analyses on current topics and issues related to public debate and policy making in the country, promoting ideas and solutions related to the needs of the public sector and the industry and building a thorough research base that can be used for the education process.

ResPublica is funded by the British Embassy in Skopje as part of the project "Promoting Good Governance through Citizen Engagement for Greater Transparency and Accountability of Institutions in Macedonia".

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    Join our team of authors by proposing a topic or submitting a text, along with your photo and short bio on info@iks.edu.mk.


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    The blogs should be between 900 and 1300 words long, and written in concise and short paragraphs in an informal style.


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    The content on Res Publica is free for sharing and readers can leave constructive and reasonable comments on the published products.


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