Danijal Hadzovic

Danijal Hadzovic acquired his formal education at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo. A far greater education, although informal, acquired by reading books and developing skills of his own choosing. The first journalistic assignment was with Radio 202 in 2009. Then worked at Depo Portal, Federation TV, and the Slobodna Bosna weekly. Authored several hundreds of articles: commentaries, columns, analyses, investigative stories and interviews published in Bosnian- Herzegovinian and regional media outlets. In 2015. with several like-minded individuals established the Liberal Forum, and association dedicated to the promotion and spreading of policies and values of open and free society.

The economic price of rigorous measures in BiH

Danijal Hadzovic


Danijal Hadzovic This pandemic might be a chance to implement more profound economic reforms that are much needed for the country, and for which the crisis could be a great opportunity. Bosnia and Herzegovina initially decided to fight the coronavirus by introducing...