KAIROS: Media and Communications Review

Volume 2 | No 2 | December 2023


The journal is devoted to addressing contemporary issues and future developments related to interdisciplinary academic discussion, the results of empirical research, and the mutual interaction of expertise in media and information studies, media education as well as their sociological, psychological, political, linguistic, and technological aspects.

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Volume 2 | No 1 | March 2023


The latest edition of KAIROS focuses on how youth can improve their digital media literacy skills, be responsible media consumers, and learn how to use media for good. In this edition, you'll find articles that explore topics such as disinformation, social media communication, means of improving media literacy education in high schools and universities, and the impact of social and traditional media on mental health.

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Volume 1 | No 1 | June 2022


ICS launched the first edition of KAIROS: Media and Communications Review. In it, you can read the papers prepared by professors, researchers, and experts in media and communications, on topics related to media literacy and critical thinking.

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