Editorial and Peer Review Policy

Editorial policy

The core editorial policy refers to the following:

  • We invite authors to publish contributions that have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • The journal promotes interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary contributions and international co-authorship.
  • There are no submission charges for publication in the Journal.
  • We publish contributions in English language.

Double-blind peer review

All articles are double-blind reviewed. Internationally renowned experts from the academic, research, and business world are involved in the process of anonymous double-blind reviews mostly as members of the advisory international editorial board. The purpose of this is not to make it impossible for publishers to possibly not fulfill the missions of the journal, but to offer authors an opportunity to improve their texts using anonymous reviews in accordance with the best academic and research standards.

After editors find that the received contribution follows the journal’s aim and scope and is appropriate for review, the manuscript is sent to two independent reviewers for a blind peer review. The reviewers are not institutionally affiliated with the author of the article submitted for publication.

The primary role of peer reviews is to help the contributors reach a level of quality that is publishable, not to find a reason to reject the selection. Reviewers are free to choose among all options: from full acceptance, over suggesting, or requiring changes up to rejection. Changes suggested by the reviewers may be subject to discussion with the authors, thus giving a free forum for scientific and/or professional arguments. The blind peer review process normally takes between two and four weeks.

All communication between authors and reviewers is conducted anonymously.