A loud SLAPP for Greek journalists

Eleni Stamatoukou


Greek journalists and media reporting on the wiretapping scandal testified in a court hearing on January...

Greek Journalism: Two Parallel Universes

Eleni Stamatoukou


Greek media are polarized. Depending on their connections with “power,” they choose to underreport or not report on an...

Kosovo’s Economy: Analyzing Recent Inflation and Government Responses

Albian Krasniqi


It remains to be seen if the Government learned the lesson and if insights from experience will be reflected in the upcoming policies and the budget...

Why having debate TV shows when there is a lack of communication culture


The use of hate speech is a serious issue and must be seriously taken into account not only by the government authorities but also by the civil society, including...

Public intelligence as an instrument of foreign policy

Alfred Marleku


Thus, for the first time in the history of the intelligence practice, we saw the implementation of what is known as "Twitter intelligence”: when the intelligence services of the countries use social media as a means of sharing sensitive information in order to...

Will government salaries “survive” the crisis?

Sonja Kramarska


Minister Bujar Osmani said that his salary is important to him because he makes his living from the salary...

Montenegro: Stopping inflation on a voluntary basis

Zoran Radulović


The government boasts of the highest GDP growth in Europe, hiding that this growth is much more due to the unfortunate people coming from the eastern part of Europe than to its economic...

INFLATION IN SERBIA – Real price increases and theatrical price reductions

Dalibor Stupar


The citizens of the “economic tiger” will have more expensive heating, fuel, electricity, alcohol, and consumer goods by the end of the...

The “Maldives of Europe” is sinking in a currency crisis

Alice Taylor


This summer saw the value of the euro fall to historic lows against the local currency, the lek, a big issue for Albania businesses that do business in Europe, or those getting paid in euro, but having to pay salaries and bills in...

Macedonian citizens sandwiched between poverty and government propaganda

Sonja Kramarska


The statement of Vice Prime Minister Bitici confirmed what we all already knew - since the prices in the EU and other countries are galloping, they are going haywire in...