Truth and lies in a world in which they’re difficult to distinguish

Branko Prlja


The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has caused numerous debates, but one thing is certain – it is a powerful tool that has a huge potential to transform...

Women are key for fixing Eastern Europe’s demographic problems (but not for the reason you may think)

Florence Bauer


If only women had more children, a widely held view goes, our demographic worries would fade...

Urban Inferno: Fear and Loathing of Urban Greenspaces

Denis Kolundzija


The fact that the last 50 years have seen a temperature rise of 0.5 degrees per year, as indicated by the measuring stations outside the cities, and such a trend is also recorded in the cities, has minimal impact on those in charge of urban development...

Gacko: If a place is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy

Milanka Kovacevic


For residents of large cities in the region, the quality of life is declining. Reduction of green areas, illegal construction, overcrowding, and traffic congestion are part of everyday...

Cities and climate-resilience in Kosovo

Fjollë Caka


Dealing with many crises at the same time, cities nowadays have to better plan for disaster reduction and response and invest in resiliency...

Albania’s green ambitions – Something of a mixed bag

Alice Taylor


While progress is something of a mixed bag, there are definitely improvements over the last few...

Women have less and less access to the media in Serbia

Dubravka Valic Nedeljkovic


The significantly higher representation of men as a source of information and as interviewees compared to women is a continuous media practice in Serbia, which has been observed in all conducted analyses and media monitoring activities since 1996 until the latest one...

The disappointment towards the West nurtures anti-democratic sentiments in North Macedonia

Vlora Rechica


Without credible external encouragement from the EU, the lack of trust in the vision of local politicians can play a significant role in weakening democracy in North...

Analysis of the EU’s economic growth plan for the Western Balkans

Stefan Veljanovski


The success of this initiative will hinge on its effective implementation, including the government's ability to undertake necessary reforms and manage the expected influx of funding appropriately to turn them into sustainable economic...

Slovak “peace marches” stirred up pro-Russian sentiment in society

Michaela Ružičková


Marches calling for peace in Ukraine were held in Slovakia during February and early March 2023. Paradoxically, the peace marches served the Kremlin's...