Tirana: A city scarred by money laundering

Alice Taylor


Alice Taylor The march of the diggers, cranes, and cement mixers continues while Albanians find themselves driven out of the city. Those that remain, witness the destruction of historical monuments, playgrounds, and open areas and are powerless to prevent it.  ...

Monitoring and data – the only approach for proper management of water resources


Prof. Slaven Conevski, Todor Conevski, Prof. Svetislav Krstiq Ph.D. It is not possible to calculate exactly the proper utilization and capacities of the water resources in the country due to the lack of continuous hydrological measurements and monitoring of the...

Covid-19 and human irrationality


Anita Janchevska In consideration of all the lessons learned from this pandemic, the question now is how can we use behavioral economy to create major change in the future on a global scale?   In response to the pandemic, experts around the world have identified...

Trans people are second-order citizens, not powerful spreaders of “transgender ideology”


Elena Gagovska Transgender people in Macedonia are effectively second-class citizens. The most important thing to remember is that those transphobic narratives in the country are completely wrong.   Inaccurate and transphobic narratives about transgender people...

The End of an Autocratic Era? Bulgaria’s New Regular Government

Radosveta Vassileva


Radosveta Vassileva 2021 marked the end of Boyko Borissov’s presence in Bulgaria’s executive as well as his dominance over the country’s parliament. However, did it dismantle Borissov’s autocracy? Far from it!   This year Bulgaria saw three parliamentary...

Murals are dredging up a war-torn past and widening divides in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mladen Obrenovic


Mladen Obrenović Since monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there is but a mere handful of them dedicated to all victims regardless of nationality and/or religion, mark the territory and represent three viewpoints of the recent past – Bosniak, Croat and Serb...

The missed opportunity of media to shed light on gender-based violence


Elena Gagovska The fact that the case (“Public Room”) remained unresolved almost two years after it was discovered activates the public because the illusion that the authorities are working on the case is shattered. Gender-based violence is one of the several forms...

We must come to terms with the past to better direct our future

Vladimir Djordjevic


Vladimir Djordjevic Nationalist agendas in the region need only a small spark to create a huge flame hard to control. Being recently at a conference in Tutzing (in the Munich area) that was dedicated to Memory Cultures since 1945: German-Southeast European Entangled...

The death of a great idea: The rise and fall of the free individual

Ridvan Peshkopia


Ridvan Peshkopia Security forces’ violence against Australian, British, Italian and other citizens throughout western societies only because they continue to believe in individual freedom shows that the very idea of individual freedom is dead now. Everyone was caught...

The passivity of the institutions towards the (resurrection of) the public rooms

Ivan Durgutov


Ivan Durgutov MA It looks like the Macedonian society as a whole has been turned into a large public room, into a voyeuristic chamber in which everyone caresses to peek into the intimacy of a stranger and to appropriate a part of the privacy of the other. This, coupled...