Sensational headlines breed hate speech

Hristina Stojanovska


Regardless of whether they post from their personal or fake profiles on social media, Macedonians, it seems, are very "eloquent" when it comes to spreading hate...

Dilemmas and open questions about the future of Open Balkan

Stefan Ristevski


Can the countries of the region turn the political promises into reality for the citizens and...

How does the EC 2022 Report see the progress of Macedonian European integration?

Ivan Durgutov


The new tone of this year's report, as well as the three visits to Skopje by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in just one year, illustrate the importance that Brussels continues to dedicate to our country. Our country’s progress is...

A harsh winter ahead for Albanian families

Nertila Maho


No one is saying that we would have been completely immune to this global crisis, but some measures could have served as a...

Operation „Ladomirova Cemetery“: Failed Russian information cover-up

Peter Dubóczi


While mass graves with hundreds of victims of Russian aggression are found in the Ukrainian town of Izium, one of many Russian information and influence operations is underway in Slovakia. Igor Bratchikov, the Russian ambassador to Slovakia, is disseminating propaganda...

The fall of Slovak pro-Kremlin disinformation media

Michaela Ružičková


The blocking of Slovak disinformation websites by the National Security Authority was an unprecedented step against pro-Russian websites spreading disinformation, conspiracies, propaganda, and toxic narratives. Unfortunately, it was also criticized for alleged...

Critical teaching of business modeling empowers youth for social transformation

Karolina Babic

Pedja Ashanin Gole


New generations cannot change the world if teachers only give students models for re-printing businesses and social projects and therefore reproduce the existing social...

The trivialization of hate speech in Macedonia

Sead Dzigal


The non-sanctioning of this type of speech leads to repetition, dissemination and abuse of these anomalies as a kind of "normalized" manner of political struggle against individuals and groups with different...

The Bulgarian-Macedonian Hala Meets EU Hypocrisy

Radosveta Vassileva


While it is important to look for answers about our common history and try to discern facts from propaganda (both Bulgaria and Macedonia seem to have work to do!), is it not also important to learn to live together despite our diverging heavily politicized points of...

The rhetoric of nuclear threats as a tool for conventional warfare

Alfred Marleku


Even in the past - especially during the Cold War - countries with nuclear capacity have, in certain cases, demonstrated their nuclear potential by using it as a deterrent or even a threatening element against other hostile...