Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor is a British-born journalist and editor who has lived in Albania for almost five years. She visited the country for a three-day holiday in 2017 and never left. Now, she writes for a local portal, and is a news editor at Brussels-based media where she also coordinates stories from the region. In addition to her journalistic work, Alice also writes on travel, culture, and experiences, with an aim to bring more tourists and International interest to the Balkans. Furthermore, she is a passionate media freedom advocate and volunteers with the Coalition For Women In Journalism, providing support to women journalists in the Balkans and beyond. She lives in Tirana with her daughter and rescue cats.

As war rages in Ukraine, Albanians fight for economic survival

Alice Taylor


While the war in Ukraine continues to rage, for thousands of Albanians it is a continual battle to feed their families and pay their bills. Their protests don’t come from a place of non-compassion, but rather a primal urge to...

Tirana: A city scarred by money laundering

Alice Taylor


Alice Taylor The march of the diggers, cranes, and cement mixers continues while Albanians find themselves driven out of the city. Those that remain, witness the destruction of historical monuments, playgrounds, and open areas and are powerless to prevent it.  ...