Artificial Intelligence will have a profound impact on global politics in the 2020s and beyond

Sabin Selimi


МК  ALB Sabin Selimi  To get AI right, we need stronger cooperation between state institutions—governments, law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and parliaments—private sector, academia, civil society and the public at large. Expect artificial...

How COVID-19 affects the right to privacy

Liljana Pecova


МК Liljana Pecova-Ilieska It is crucial to balance security and the safety of the health of the public and the right to privacy of citizens. The proclamation of COVID 19 as a global health pandemic by the World Health Organization, as well as a...

The need for enhancing digital diplomacy in Southeast Europe

Sabin Selimi


МК  ALB  SR Sabin Selimi When used properly, digital diplomacy is a persuasive and timely addition to traditional forms of diplomacy. The countries that don’t use and master it, will simply have reduced influence and power on the world stage....

The Unthought Future of Democracy in Southeast Europe

Sabin Selimi


МК  ALB  SR Sabin Selimi Today, humans run for office. Tomorrow, the intelligent machines will. And, they may win, as citizens become increasingly frustrated with human politicians. It is the year 2050. During the recent European parliamentary...

Kosovo and Macedonia desperately need a positive signal from the EU

Sabin Selimi


МК   ALB   ENG Sabin Selimi, MSc and Nadire Latifi, MSc The concern is not whether the EU fails to create functioning and stable countries, but that the EU’s engagement in the region leads to a loss of credibility as an international...

Disability is a story of love and the struggle for a dignified place in society to grow and thrive


МК   ENG Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative We estimate there are about 21,000 children with disability in the country. We also estimate that up to half of those could be out of school with little opportunity to play and form friendships. When I arrived...

`Speak Truth Unto Power`


Charles Garrett, British Ambassador to Macedonia The UK Civil Service doesn’t have an official motto – but if it did, it would almost certainly be: “speak truth unto power”. It’s a maxim that’s in the blood of good civil servants,...

Voicing the public interest in Macedonia

Bojan Georgievski


Bojan Georgievski, MA, Institute of Communication Studies Having in mind the recent political developments in the country, it has never been more important to deconstruct the meaning of the term Public interest. It seems that the term has various meanings, depending on...

Radical proposals in the EC’s consultation on audiovisual media services

Sally Broughton Micova


Sally Broughton Micova, PhD, University of East Anglia On Monday 6 July the European Commission launched a public consultation as part of the “Regulatory fitness” test of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). This is a big moment: concrete...