The Bulgarian-Macedonian Hala Meets EU Hypocrisy

Radosveta Vassileva


While it is important to look for answers about our common history and try to discern facts from propaganda (both Bulgaria and Macedonia seem to have work to do!), is it not also important to learn to live together despite our diverging heavily politicized points of...

The rhetoric of nuclear threats as a tool for conventional warfare

Alfred Marleku


Even in the past - especially during the Cold War - countries with nuclear capacity have, in certain cases, demonstrated their nuclear potential by using it as a deterrent or even a threatening element against other hostile...

The ill-defined accession process is damaging to EU goals in the Western Balkans

Pyke Haans


The positions of the Western Balkan and Eastern-European candidate states on metrics like corruption and democracy show that there is still a long way to go in many...

Improve the deal to save Europe from itself

Ida Manton


“…and it became too much Rules are rules Slowly neighbours You cannot just come in and destroy what is not yours I said to them nicely Do not break my acacia trees, the winds will blow me away without them …stay away from them because I will break you...

Increasing Transparency and Compliance as a Means to Increase Trust in Parties

Omer Ajdini

Marija Miteva

Fitim Lloga

Kasijana Jovanovska


Political parties in North Macedonia continuously rank at the bottom of citizens’ trust in institutions and...

Serbia’s Media Caught Between Putinophilia and the New World Reality

Dinko Gruhonjić


It is difficult to shake the impression that this cult is on a much higher level than the cult of personality of Aleksandar Vucic...

How personal is personal data in Albania

Jona Koprencka


There is no more room for imagination or assumption, now we know the salaries of our neighbor, friend, cousin, a former colleague who now works elsewhere and is complaining about his/her salary, we also know the salary of the boss and the...

The EU should open its doors to the Balkans as soon as possible

Sabin Selimi


The EU’s most potent foreign policy instrument—the normative pull of membership—has been the best tool in the past....

As war rages in Ukraine, Albanians fight for economic survival

Alice Taylor


While the war in Ukraine continues to rage, for thousands of Albanians it is a continual battle to feed their families and pay their bills. Their protests don’t come from a place of non-compassion, but rather a primal urge to...

The “nuclear” message from Russia to the rest of the world

Alfred Marleku


John Mearsheimer, a professor at the University of Chicago, in a 1993 article in Foreign Affairs journal, argued that giving up nuclear weapons was "unwise" and that "a nuclear Ukraine is necessary to maintain peace between Ukraine and...