Machines are nothing without human’s wisdom

Eleni Stamatoukou


In the Greek mass media, until recently, the success of a report, an investigation, and even of simple news is judged exclusively by clicks, shares, and engagement, without taking into account the correctness, the quality [content, grammar, etc.] of the text, and the...

Countering disinformation with the help of AI: Is it already possible?

Dr. Vuk Vucetic


Artificial intelligence can contribute to the generation of disinformation, but at the same time, it can provide potential solutions to countering that same...

Artificial intelligence – an enigma for macedonian media

Maja Blazevska Evrosimoska


While the world is fiercely debating the positive and negative impacts of the latest artificial intelligence...

Albania: Pioneering AI, lagging in legal protections

Alice Taylor


Albania is inevitably adamant about becoming a regional leader in using...

Kosovo’s Economy: Analyzing Recent Inflation and Government Responses

Albian Krasniqi


It remains to be seen if the Government learned the lesson and if insights from experience will be reflected in the upcoming policies and the budget...

Public intelligence as an instrument of foreign policy

Alfred Marleku


Thus, for the first time in the history of the intelligence practice, we saw the implementation of what is known as "Twitter intelligence”: when the intelligence services of the countries use social media as a means of sharing sensitive information in order to...

INFLATION IN SERBIA – Real price increases and theatrical price reductions

Dalibor Stupar


The citizens of the “economic tiger” will have more expensive heating, fuel, electricity, alcohol, and consumer goods by the end of the...

Will the new cantonal law on the prevention of corruption in B&H fail?

Edina Secerovic


At the beginning of this month, the Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office of the Sarajevo Canton launched the check procedure for conflicts of interest for public office holders, after the new Law on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption in the Sarajevo Canton...

Why does the war in Ukraine has the tendency to last for many years?

Alfred Marleku


Wars between countries are some of the main threats that have a transformative impact on the international system and...

The disappointment towards the West nurtures anti-democratic sentiments in North Macedonia

Vlora Rechica


Without credible external encouragement from the EU, the lack of trust in the vision of local politicians can play a significant role in weakening democracy in North...