Edina Secerovic

Edina Secerovic is a long-time editor and presenter of Dnevnik on Federal Television in Bosnia and Hercegovina. She took her first steps in journalism in 2006 during a five-month volunteering at OBN television. Since 2007, he has been working as a journalist at Sarajevo Canton Television in the News program as an editor and presenter of daily news programs - Dnevnik TV SA. Since September 1, 2010, she has been employed at the RTV of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the editor and host of the daily news shows Federacija danas and Dnevnik 3, and the editor and host of the Central news show Dnevnik 2. She has collaborated with several domestic and international media.

More greenery, less concrete

Edina Secerovic


A particular problem arises in the period between November and March, which is the height of the heating season because solid fuels are still used a lot for this...

Will the new cantonal law on the prevention of corruption in B&H fail?

Edina Secerovic


At the beginning of this month, the Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office of the Sarajevo Canton launched the check procedure for conflicts of interest for public office holders, after the new Law on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption in the Sarajevo Canton...

Disinformation and hate speech in B&H: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Edina Secerovic


So, the thread from trust to being manipulated is getting thinner and thinner, and the credibility of the results of processes, including electoral processes, resulting from the will of the citizens, becomes...