Eleni Stamatoukou

Eleni Stamatoukou is a journalist known for her work on various topics, including migration, border control policies, and current events. She has contributed to publications such as Balkan Insight and Solomon. Her articles cover a wide range of subjects, including issues related to security, surveillance, cyber security, and international relations.

Machines are nothing without human’s wisdom

Eleni Stamatoukou


In the Greek mass media, until recently, the success of a report, an investigation, and even of simple news is judged exclusively by clicks, shares, and engagement, without taking into account the correctness, the quality [content, grammar, etc.] of the text, and the...

How deepfakes can trigger political uncertainty

Eleni Stamatoukou


When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2022 Greek government sent rescue teams on the ground and ordinary people collected medicine, clothes, bedding, food, and other essentials for humanitarian...

A loud SLAPP for Greek journalists

Eleni Stamatoukou


Greek journalists and media reporting on the wiretapping scandal testified in a court hearing on January...