Dalibor Stupar

Dalibor Stupar has been a journalist since 2001. He started in the Novi Sad TV production "UrbaNS", which, as part of ANEM, also functioned as correspondence for TV B92 from Belgrade. After that, he worked for several years in Novi Sad's "Građanski list", and wrote for the portals "Autonomija.info", "Magazin Vojvodina" and the interregional agency "AIM-ng". Since February 2017, he has been an associate of VOICE and has been a cartoonist for the portal "Autonomija.info" since May 2016. Winner of the 2018 NDNV Annual Award for Analytical Journalism. In 2023, he received the audience award for investigative journalism "Dejan Anastasijević" awarded by the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia, for the documentary film "What warms us, poisons us".

INFLATION IN SERBIA – Real price increases and theatrical price reductions

Dalibor Stupar


The citizens of the “economic tiger” will have more expensive heating, fuel, electricity, alcohol, and consumer goods by the end of the...