Why Kosovo’s cities are going green

Fjollë Caka


Kosovo generates 88% of its energy through the Kosova A and Kosova B power plants, which also rank among the top of Europe’s...

More greenery, less concrete

Edina Secerovic


A particular problem arises in the period between November and March, which is the height of the heating season because solid fuels are still used a lot for this...

A chernobyl scenario is threatening pljevlja

Andrea Perišić


Decades-long environmental problems in Pljevlja, Montenegro, have led to mass emigration of part of the population, and those who have decided to stay in this city are facing health...

Struggle for water in Albania: Protected rivers under threat

Alice Taylor


On Saturday, 27 May, a group of local residents of the Shushica River valley, along with activists and citizens from Vlora and the Vjosa area, deposited a large water pipe outside the office of Prime Minister Edi...

Artificial intelligence – in between information and disinformation

Festim Rizanaj


The spread of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in recent years has revolutionized various industries, including media outlets in the creation and dissemination of...

Without proper oversight, AI technologies can become a threat

Andrea Perišić


At the end of last year, the then director of the Podgorica Health Center, Danilo Jokić, was the target of fraudsters on Facebook, who, with the help of...

Countering disinformation with the help of AI: Is it already possible?

Dr. Vuk Vucetic


Artificial intelligence can contribute to the generation of disinformation, but at the same time, it can provide potential solutions to countering that same...

Artificial intelligence – an enigma for macedonian media

Maja Blazevska Evrosimoska


While the world is fiercely debating the positive and negative impacts of the latest artificial intelligence...

Albania: Pioneering AI, lagging in legal protections

Alice Taylor


Albania is inevitably adamant about becoming a regional leader in using...

Kosovo’s Economy: Analyzing Recent Inflation and Government Responses

Albian Krasniqi


It remains to be seen if the Government learned the lesson and if insights from experience will be reflected in the upcoming policies and the budget...