Denis Kolundzija

Denis Kolundzija is a journalist and deputy editor-in-chief of the "Cenzolovka" portal. He writes for the Vojvodina Research and Analytical Center (VOICE) and the American Elections portal. He lives in Novi Sad.

Urban Inferno: Fear and Loathing of Urban Greenspaces

Denis Kolundzija


The fact that the last 50 years have seen a temperature rise of 0.5 degrees per year, as indicated by the measuring stations outside the cities, and such a trend is also recorded in the cities, has minimal impact on those in charge of urban development...

The attitude of the citizens of Serbia towards the EU in the jaws of anti-Western sentiment

Denis Kolundzija


If a referendum on Serbia's entry into the European Union were held today, 43 percent of citizens would answer "yes,” 33 percent would be against it, while one in ten does not know what to answer. Fourteen years earlier, support for Serbia's membership in the EU...

Serbia’s road to collective immunity: Some will live to tell the story

Denis Kolundzija


Denis Kolundzija The enthusiasm in the first months of this year regarding the mass vaccination in Serbia was so high that in March, the country was ranked highest in Europe in terms of the number of fully vaccinated people per million inhabitants. Eight months later,...