Ana Keshelashvili

Ana Keshelashvili, Ph.D. is a professor of media and communications at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), former journalist, nowadays involved in media education, research and training. She has served as a media and communications consultant for BBC Media Action, UNDP Georgia, People-in-Need, N-OST, and others. She was a lead researcher of the Internews Georgian Information Ecosystem Analysis, country researcher of “Mapping Digital Media” carried out by the Open Society Institute; country researcher of European Journalism Trainers’ Association’s (EJTA) trans-European study of future of journalism values and qualifications. Dr. Keshelashvili also led the Georgian media’s needs assessment within the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs’ project with Deutsche Welle aimed at strengthening the management of media organizations. She has obtained her Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina and a Master’s degree in Communications from Louisiana State University.

South Caucasus Social Media Users – An Information Diet of the Youth

Ana Keshelashvili

Maia Mikashavidze


An appetite for information, self-censorship, and avoidance of participation in the public debates are shared habits of the young social media users in the South...