Branimir Jovanovic

Branimir Jovanovic is an economic researcher and professor of economics at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Skopje. He received his Ph.D. in financial crisis from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. He has worked at the National Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the University of Turin. More information about him on his website: branimir.site

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine uncovers the fragility of society in B&H

Emir Zulejhić

Dalio Sijah


For some politicians, some media outlets, and a part of the public, the war in Ukraine is perceived as an act of aggression that should be condemned and stopped, while some call this conflict a "special military operation", in accordance with the official Russian...

When healthcare is bad, the economy also suffers

Branimir Jovanovic


Branimir Jovanovic Public health and the economy go hand in hand during a pandemic, so the best way to help the economy in the current crisis is to introduce adequate restrictions to control the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to the biggest economic crisis...