Fitim Lloga

Fitim Lloga is currently engaged as the legal and financial collaborator in the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI). From 2014 to 2021, Fitim has served two terms in office as Council Member in the Council of Inspection Authorities of the Republic of North Macedonia and conducted supervision of the inspection authorities, risk analysis during inspection planning, evaluation and assessment of inspectors’ work, etc. Fitim has graduated in Law from the State University in Tetovo and holds a master’s degree in diplomacy and international relations from FON University in Skopje.

Increasing Transparency and Compliance as a Means to Increase Trust in Parties

Omer Ajdini

Marija Miteva

Fitim Lloga

Kasijana Jovanovska


Political parties in North Macedonia continuously rank at the bottom of citizens’ trust in institutions and...