Ida Manton

Ida Manton is a trainer and scholar in the field of negotiations, mediation and conflict resolution currently living between Skopje and Prague and teaching International Negotiations, Diplomacy and Contemporary practice at various Diplomatic Academies, Institutes, Organizations and Universities throughout Europe (EU, OSCE, NATO Defense College, VSE in Prague, College of Europe etc.). Her previous professional engagement includes mainly work in International Organizations (Peace Corps, NATO, OSCE) in the fields of democratization, minority rights, public relations and good governance. She has published articles, presented at international conferences and is invited as a judge in negotiation competitions globally. She is a member of the Programme of International Negotiation Training– POINT, associated with the Negotiation expert’s network PIN (Processes of International Negotiations). She is also Diplomacy Dialogue’s (Geneva based think tank) Representative at the OSCE Academic Network, In 2018 she became Senior Advisor to PACE Global Strategies, based in the USA. Mrs. Manton has a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature with second major in English Language and Literature from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, as well as a Master degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from Leiden University and Clingendael in The Netherlands. She is both American and Macedonian citizen, with permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

It’s about people but also about political calculations and cowardice

Ida Manton


The Macedonian OSCE Presidency slogan is "It's About People", so in that regard, it would be virtuous for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask for assistance and support to the national interests, integrity, sovereignty, language and identity....

Improve the deal to save Europe from itself

Ida Manton


“…and it became too much Rules are rules Slowly neighbours You cannot just come in and destroy what is not yours I said to them nicely Do not break my acacia trees, the winds will blow me away without them …stay away from them because I will break you...

The road from Skopje to Brussels is not via Sofia

Ida Manton


Ida Manton Both sides will benefit from a mediation process led by an international expert team, which would be an integral part of the EU SAA process and enriched with dialogue facilitation experts who are well versed in the work and documents of the UN, CoE and OSCE....