Katarina Blažina Mukavec

Katarina Blažina Mukavec was born in Zagreb. She holds a Master's degree in Communication from the Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb in 2015. Since 2012, she has been an active member of the Society for Communication and Media Culture and participates in the creation of educational content and lectures for primary and secondary school students, as well as webinars for educators from all over Croatia. Since 2016, she has been the coordinator of the section of lecturers and volunteers in the Children of the Media project, which the Association is implementing with the aim of improving media literacy of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

Does the increased time children spend consuming media imply higher risks?

Katarina Blažina Mukavec


Katarina Blažina Mukavec Compared to 2019, the average time spent on social platforms in 2020 increased by a record 100% across all platforms. In every new study, experts point out that children are spending more time consuming media than ever before, and they are...