Mladen Obrenovic

Mladen Obrenovic is a Doctor of Communication Sciences and a professional journalist with many years of experience in several media in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His professional journalistic career began in 1996 in Vukovar, where he worked for the local media as a correspondent for Glas Slavonia and Jutarnji list. From 2010 to 2013, he was engaged in tportal in Zagreb, where he reported on topics of daily politics and current issues in Croatian society and reported from the Croatian Parliament, the government and the judiciary. Now in Sarajevo, he works for Radio Al Jazeera Balkans first as a journalist and then editor of the portal. He also worked as a BIRN journalist in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has participated in several media courses and scientific conferences, and has published several scientific and professional studies.

Murals are dredging up a war-torn past and widening divides in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mladen Obrenovic


Mladen Obrenović Since monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there is but a mere handful of them dedicated to all victims regardless of nationality and/or religion, mark the territory and represent three viewpoints of the recent past – Bosniak, Croat and Serb...

It is high time to allow science and evidence to steer politics

Mladen Obrenovic


Mladen Obrenović At the onset of the corona crisis, the ‘spotlight’ was directed at experts for a while, because answers were expected of them. The ‘gratitude towards the virus’ for once again shining the limelight on expertise and science, on individuals and...

The lack of vaccines led to panic in B&H, yet now they are going to waste

Mladen Obrenovic


Mladen Obrenović With considerable lack of trust and a strong influence of opponents to vaccination, but also the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina was quite late to start mass immunization, the percentage of vaccinated citizens is extremely low. The latest data...