Mersiha Drinjakovic




Mersiha Drinjakovic 120x160Mersiha Drinjakovic - journalist and executive editor of Gracija magazine, and associate of the Analiziraj.ba portal. She completed her studies in journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, and during her work she went through various additional educations in the USA, Malaysia, Germany and France. She has been a journalist for 20 years. She is the winner of the UNICEF Special Award for journalistic contribution to information, protection and promotion of children's rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2015 and the winner of the UN Women 2017 Journalist Award - for the best article on gender-based violence in the print media category. In 2017, she was also presented with a letter of thanks from the Helsinki Committee of BiH at the Competition for the best media story / reportage that promotes LGBT rights and culture. In 2018, she was awarded the UN BiH recognition for her journalistic contribution to informing about the Sustainable Development Goals in BiH and their promotion - for the text published on the Analiziraj.ba portal.