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The academic blog ResPublica invites professors, analysts, researchers, journalists, civil activists, experts from different walks of life, civil servants and students to send us their texts on topics for which they have expertise and experience. The objective of ResPublica is to inform and educate the citizens through published texts about current problems and complex societal issues and to offer sustainable solutions that are contained in regulations, research papers and academic articles.

You are welcome to join ResPublica’s contributors by proposing a topic or by sending us a text on

ResPublica is dedicated to highest standards of integrity and professional conduct. The authors of the blog are obligated to ensure that their work will keep the good name of ResPublica, as well as the good name of the academic and the professional community. Hence, the Editorial Board of ResPublica pays special attention and makes individual decisions in the following situations:

  • Concerning articles that potentially contain libel or defamation and are licentious, offensive or illegal;
  • When there is suspicion of plagiarism or abuse of someone else’s work, in other words the material must be an original creation of the author;
  • In case of concern about a possible conflict of interest related to the author, when the author attempts to excessively influence the audience by imposing his/her individual interest, which evidently differs from his/her professional tasks;
  • Concerning articles that are insufficiently based on facts and evidence;
  • Regarding any other type of article that may cause consequences on the reputation of the author or of the Institute of Communication Studies.
Editorial process

The Editorial Boards will review your text as soon as feasible and, if need be, they will give you suggestions to improve it in the sense of providing sufficient arguments or in regards to style, structure or referencing. Editorial suggestions may refer to:

  • Shortening the text, if it exceeds 1,300 words;
  • Corrections of the narrative style, text structure and referencing;
  • Sharpening the main argument, underlining the standpoint of the author, the author’s evidence and findings on the topic, as well as background relevant information.

Based on editorial suggestions, we recommend that you, as the author, make a final editing of the text, the end goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible. The text shall not be published in case of an impasse in aligning the editorial suggestions and the author’s opinion or if the author publishes the text prior to its publication on ResPublica.

If you have any questions regarding our editorial policy or if you notice that your text or some other text has been wrongfully published on a different website or if you believe that a text contains significant errors, please inform us on