Alfonc Rakaj

Alfonc Rakaj is a researcher and coordinator of the project for democratization, security and integration of Albania and the Western Balkans at the Institute for Political Studies in Tirana. He has a master's degree in international relations from King's College London. He completed his undergraduate international studies at Oregon State University, USA.

Increasing Transparency and Compliance as a Means to Increase Trust in Parties

Omer Ajdini

Marija Miteva

Fitim Lloga

Kasijana Jovanovska


Political parties in North Macedonia continuously rank at the bottom of citizens’ trust in institutions and...

Running in the Wrong Direction: Rama’s Spat with the EU Over Vaccination Underlines Growing Frustration

Alfonc Rakaj


Alfonc Rakaj However tempting or justifiable it may be, Mr. Rama and his regional colleagues would do well not to bite on the hand that “feeds” their people, invest in their future and build their schools. The public spillover of criticism towards the EU marks a...

Albania’s Painstaking Reforms

Alfonc Rakaj


МК  SRB  ALB  Alfonc Rakaj Albania’s implementation of key reforms has reached a critical juncture just as the country muddles through the end of the pandemic measures. The stakes are high as reforms include key court decisions that...