Barbara Halla

Barbara Halla is the Managing Editor for the English page of Exit News, a non-profit journalism portal in Albania. Since 2017, she has also been part of the editorial board of Asymptote, an international literary journal focusing on literature in English translation, where she currently serves as Criticism Editor. Barbara has written about the cultural roots of sexual violence in Albania for Politikja, an Albanian academic journal, among other writing projects. She has a degree in History from Harvard and has lived and worked in Tirana, Cambridge, and Paris.

Disinformation in Albania Is an Internal Affair

Barbara Halla


Regardless of flavour and aim, disinformation proliferates across the Albanian media sphere, traditionally broadcast or online. Often it caters to people’s biases and needs, derived from sources they have come to trust. Better media sources, with fact-checked and...

Beyond Conspiracy Theories: How Mismanagement Shaped the Vaccination in Albania

Barbara Halla


Barbara Halla While June had seemed like the moment Albania had turned the corner, with infection rates dropping in the single digits, by the end of July (after a record number of visitors had entered Albania, surpassing pre-pandemic numbers), the tide had turned. In...