Dina Bajramspahić

Dina Bajramspahic is a public policy researcher at the Institute Alternativa (IA), a non-profit, think-tank organization. She has been working in that position for ten years and she coordinates the activities of the IA in the program area "Rule of Law", which includes the reform of the security sector and the reform of criminal justice. She is a political scientist by profession, specializing in European politics. She has a registered master's thesis at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Podgorica "Control function of the Parliament of Montenegro in the field of security and defense", in the direction of Euro-Atlantic integration. She is involved in Montenegro's accession negotiations with the European Union as a member of the Working Group for Chapter 23 "Justice and Fundamental Rights" and is actively involved in enlargement policy and EU instruments in relation to the region.

EU enlargement – a moving target that is moving farther and farther away

Dina Bajramspahić


Dina Bajramspahic In 2020, none of the six countries of the Western Balkans has made progress in the process of European integration. It is true that they could have done more, but this still begs the question of whether the process itself “is working” if...