Kaan Bayırakoşan

Kaan Bayırakoşan is currently a master student in Political Science at University of Warsaw in Poland. He completed his bachelor in Journalism at Ege University in Turkey. He also studied at Vilnius University in Lithuania in this field as a part of a student exchange program. He had journalism experience in local media during his bachelor in Izmir, Turkey.

The new law that signals a new era of censorship in Turkey

Kaan Bayırakoşan


Kaan Bayırakoşan The Turkish government has new demands from social media and digital platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter. If those platforms do not fulfill the requirements, they can be shut down by the government. 2021 will be the year we...

It will be a long winter in Turkey

Kaan Bayırakoşan


Kaan Bayırakoşan Are the imposed solutions temporary or permanent? It has been almost one year since the epidemic disease COVID-19 hit the world. Even though the restrictions were eased by many governments during last summer, the case numbers and death rates are on...

While the virus in Turkey is spreading, the Lira is in a free fall

Kaan Bayırakoşan


Kaan Bayırakoşan The story of how the greatest crisis in 21st century affected politics and economy in Turkey. Republic of Turkey is one of the latest European countries in having its first case of COVID-19. While European Union and neighbors of Turkey were...