Naum Kajchev

Naum Kajchev teaches new and contemporary Balkan history at Sofia University "St. Clement of Ohrid ". He is the author of the books Macedonia, Desired: The Army, the School and the Construction of the Nation in Serbia and Bulgaria (1878-1912) and Illyria from Varna to Villach: Croatian National Revival, Serbs and Bulgarians (until 1848). He is also the Deputy Chairman of the Joint Commission on Historical and Educational Issues between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia.

On unifying around our common history – Tsar Samuil erga omnes (IІI)

Naum Kajchev


The text is a response to the blog “Uniting around “historical truths” or around differences? (II)” by Ognen Vangelov and Ljupco Risteski, published on May 28, 2021. Naum Kajchev If we constantly create differences, divisions and boundaries, if we...

On unifying around our common history – Tzar Samuil erga omnes (II)

Naum Kajchev


Naum Kajchev The European idea is based on overcoming the contradictions of the past, on emphasizing things that are common and unifying. No one today has exclusivity over the state of Prince Boris the Baptizer and St. Clement of Ohrid; of Tsar Simeon and St. Naum of...

On Unifying Around Our Common History – Tsar Samuil Erga Omnes

Naum Kajchev


Naoum Kaytchev Objectively unifying our common history, from the time of Tsar Samuil, from the Middle Ages in general, and from later eras, will make us all, the citizens of both countries, more united and more enriched in a European way. As people in the know are...