Nertila Maho

Nertila Maho has nearly 14 years covering economic issues as a journalist in Albania. In the last 4 years she has been working for Monitor, the only economic Magazine in Albania. Her previous experiences include 8 years at the daily Panorama, the biggest newspaper in the country and two years at television. She holds a Bachelor degree in Journalism and a Master in Marketing (Nebraska Program) at the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. She has been active on publishing articles about different sectors like tourism, energy, insurance market, finance etc.

Albanians have to work two decades more than before to buy a home today

Nertila Maho


This is a system built for decades and needs a totally different approach by everyone, starting from the top. An approach where institutions would start to see public interest above...

A harsh winter ahead for Albanian families

Nertila Maho


No one is saying that we would have been completely immune to this global crisis, but some measures could have served as a...

Why is Albania becoming the ship everyone wants to abandon?

Nertila Maho


Nertila Maho Citizens, refugees, migrants, it doesn’t matter, it seems that nobody sees a bright future in Albania. Around 300BC nearly 6000 Illyrian fighters fled the country after the assassination of king Kliti by Alexander the Great. They migrated to a place...

“Rakija, garlic and lemon”: How fake news endangered human lives in Albania

Nertila Maho


Nertila Maho The real problem were the unscientific and unfounded claims that began to circulate during the first months of the pandemic, on most of the websites. You could easily find “news” about how COVID-19 could be treated at home with raki (a typical Albanian...

The death that ignited protests in a generation that has lost hope

Nertila Maho


Nertila Maho Ironically the measures that aim to save lives in this pandemic, for the first time caused the tragic death of a young man. It was 8th of December when two gunshots took the life of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha. The weapon was fired by a police officer and...