The horror of propaganda or when the dead rise

Горан Ризаов


Misinformation about the Russian military invasion of Ukraine has led to such divisions of the people in Macedonia, especially those who are getting information mainly from the social media, that there is actually an online debate about whether there really is a war...

Disinformation in Albania Is an Internal Affair

Барбара Хала


Regardless of flavour and aim, disinformation proliferates across the Albanian media sphere, traditionally broadcast or online. Often it caters to people’s biases and needs, derived from sources they have come to trust. Better media sources, with fact-checked and...

Disinformation in Montenegro: Propaganda and a hunt for higher earnings

Тамара Чупаќ


The media should not use someone else's torment to get a few more clicks or "shares". Journalists should be especially careful that they put facts and information in the right context when...

The missed opportunity of media to shed light on gender-based violence

Елена Гаговска


Elena Gagovska The fact that the case (“Public Room”) remained unresolved almost two years after it was discovered activates the public because the illusion that the authorities are working on the case is shattered. Gender-based violence is one of the several forms...