“Rakija, garlic and lemon”: How fake news endangered human lives in Albania

Нертила Махо


Nertila Maho The real problem were the unscientific and unfounded claims that began to circulate during the first months of the pandemic, on most of the websites. You could easily find “news” about how COVID-19 could be treated at home with raki (a typical Albanian...

Who lied and how about Covid-19 in Serbia?

Иван Суботиќ


Ivan Subotić At one point one could read in the media that Tylol hot (powder with paracetamol used to treat colds) in combination with rakia, is effective treatment against Covid 19, although the combination of alcohol and paracetamol can be quite dangerous. Which of...

The virus may be slowing, but fake news is still rampant

Виолета Зефи


Violeta Zefi Focusing on overcoming the virus, we undermined how the pandemic times affected our mental health. Struggling to discern truth from “clickbait” is taking its toll on everyone. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in China, one of the direct consequences has...

Professional liars in pandemic times

Вук Вучетиќ


Vuk Vučetić All conspiracy theories have very simple premises on which they rest. At the core of any conspiracy theory is the division of the world into good and evil. It is difficult to refute them because anyone who tries to do so is considered an accomplice to the...

“Hate Slavs” – Hate speech in the Balkans

проф. д-р Дубравка Валиќ Недељковиќ


Dubravka Valić Nedeljković, PhD Hate speech is commonplace in public discourse in the Balkans. Offensive language, insinuations, labelling, presenting false information about people in public discourse with no holds barred, whether it is the media or the assembly...

Does the increased time children spend consuming media imply higher risks?

Катарина Блажина Мукавец


Katarina Blažina Mukavec Compared to 2019, the average time spent on social platforms in 2020 increased by a record 100% across all platforms. In every new study, experts point out that children are spending more time consuming media than ever before, and they are...

Radical proposals in the EC’s consultation on audiovisual media services

Sally Broughton Micova


Sally Broughton Micova, PhD, University of East Anglia On Monday 6 July the European Commission launched a public consultation as part of the “Regulatory fitness” test of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). This is a big moment: concrete...