Elena Gagovska

Elena Gagovska is a writer, researcher, and journalist who graduated from Bard College Berlin and currently lives in Skopje. She is interested in and writes about various political topics such as intersectional feminism, left-wing politics, anti-racism, labor, and LGBTI rights. She regularly publishes articles on the feminist platform "Medusa", and has been published on many other domestic and foreign media such as Women's Media Center, Summer of Solidarity, and Jacobin magazine.

Life with cystic fibrosis does not have to be this difficult

Elena Gagovska


Clearly, we cannot eradicate the profit motive overnight, but how can we immediately help CF patients and those with rare...

Hate speech doesn’t stop after Pride month

Elena Gagovska


All this brings us to the question: can LGBT people feel safe and protected by the state authorities in...

Trans people are second-order citizens, not powerful spreaders of “transgender ideology”

Elena Gagovska


Elena Gagovska Transgender people in Macedonia are effectively second-class citizens. The most important thing to remember is that those transphobic narratives in the country are completely wrong.   Inaccurate and transphobic narratives about transgender people...

The missed opportunity of media to shed light on gender-based violence

Elena Gagovska


Elena Gagovska The fact that the case (“Public Room”) remained unresolved almost two years after it was discovered activates the public because the illusion that the authorities are working on the case is shattered. Gender-based violence is one of the several forms...