Public Interest

`Speak Truth Unto Power`

Charles Garrett


Charles Garrett, British Ambassador to Macedonia The UK Civil Service doesn’t have an official motto – but if it did, it would almost certainly be: “speak truth unto power”. It’s a maxim that’s in the blood of good civil servants,...

Voicing the public interest in Macedonia

Бојан Георгиевски


Bojan Georgievski, MA, Institute of Communication Studies Having in mind the recent political developments in the country, it has never been more important to deconstruct the meaning of the term Public interest. It seems that the term has various meanings, depending on...

Radical proposals in the EC’s consultation on audiovisual media services

Sally Broughton Micova


Sally Broughton Micova, PhD, University of East Anglia On Monday 6 July the European Commission launched a public consultation as part of the “Regulatory fitness” test of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). This is a big moment: concrete...