Jona Koprencka

Jona Koprencka is an assistant professor at the Department of International Relations and Political Science at Epoka University in Tirana, Albania. She is a former deputy editor of the online newspaper Gazeta Mendimi, which, among other things, covers issues related to the conflicts in the Middle East and relations between Russia and NATO / US in the Balkans.

How personal is personal data in Albania

Jona Koprencka


There is no more room for imagination or assumption, now we know the salaries of our neighbor, friend, cousin, a former colleague who now works elsewhere and is complaining about his/her salary, we also know the salary of the boss and the...

USA, Turkey or Serbia: Where will Rama find support during his third term?

Jona Koprencka


Jona Koprencka This is the first time in Albanian democracy that a party has been at the helm of the country for three consecutive terms. At a time when everyone thought that a political rotation would take place, the Prime Minister Rama received great support not only...

“Big Brother” is in full swing in Albania

Jona Koprencka


Jona Koprencka The thought that someone has been looking into, investigating, and monitoring peoples’ lives on social media for years is frightening. It is even more frightening when the “observers” are members of the largest political parties. The...