Katarina Tadic

Katarina Tadic has eight years of experience working in the civil sector in Serbia and the region. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and completed her Master's Degree in Public Policy Research at the University of Bristol. She is currently living and working in Belgrade.

South Caucasus Social Media Users – An Information Diet of the Youth

Ana Keshelashvili

Maia Mikashavidze


An appetite for information, self-censorship, and avoidance of participation in the public debates are shared habits of the young social media users in the South...

Why is it so difficult for Serbia to recognise Kosovo?

Katarina Tadic


Katarina Tadic Serbian citizens are regularly asked if they are willing to accept recognition of Kosovo in exchange for EU membership. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority said no, because Kosovo is an emotional question, whilst the EU has never managed to win...

Who is left dreaming the European dream in Serbia?

Katarina Tadic


Katarina Tadic Serbia started negotiations back in 2014, yet today the country seems further from the EU than it was five years ago. The accession of the Western Balkans to the European Union (EU) has been ongoing for eighteen years, since the distant 2003, when all...