Ridvan Peshkopia

Ridvan Peshkopia is Lecturer of Political Behavior and Research Methods with University for Business and Technology, Kosovo. He received his PhD in Political Science from University of Kentucky. He also holds Master's degrees in Urban Planning, Diplomacy, Political Science, and Applied Mathematics. He publishes regularly in academic journals on topics such as political philosophy, social theory, film studies, international relations, comparative politics, political and social psychology, research methods, criminal justice, education policy, and political behavior.

The perils of the artificial intelligence utopia

Ridvan Peshkopia


AI showed to be able to construe juridic arguments and suggest decisions for civil and divorce cases. Evidence from AI apps in medicine shows its diagnostic capabilities. We learned that AI bots have defeated poker professionals and even the chess world champion Garry...

The death of a great idea: The rise and fall of the free individual

Ridvan Peshkopia


Ridvan Peshkopia Security forces’ violence against Australian, British, Italian and other citizens throughout western societies only because they continue to believe in individual freedom shows that the very idea of individual freedom is dead now. Everyone was caught...

The looming collapse of liberal democracy

Ridvan Peshkopia


Ridvan Peshkopia The West could serve the rest of the word as an exhibition of terrible and visibly failed ideas, including Communism, Fascism, Nazism, feminism, anarchism and, lately, liberalism. The COVID-19 pandemic presented the international public with the...

The Afghan experiment and the failure of liberal democracy

Ridvan Peshkopia


Ridvan Peshkopia Beyond Afghanistan, the liberal democratic system crisis have begun to appear in the West as well. Loss of capability or even willingness to protect borders, loss of social cohesion, extreme political polarization and the downfall of confidence in own...