Stefan Ristovski, Angel Mojsovski

Stefan Ristovski works as a researcher in EPI since December 2019. He finished his Master degree at the European Economic studies program [business specialisation] at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. He finished his Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. In EPI, Stefan works on monitoring the accession process of North Macedonia in the European Union and sectorial policies. So far, he has written several bulletins on the situation with COVID-19 in Central and Eastern Europe. Before working in EPI, Stefan worked in EuroEvents – Market Research Institute on projects concerning compliance with regulations and transparency, and cross-border health care with a focus on the European acquis. Angel Mojsovski works as a researcher at the European Policy Institute (EPI). During his four years at EPI, Mojsovski worked as a project assistant and researcher on several projects dedicated to human rights, minority rights, with a particular focus on social rights. Mojsovski is a graduate political scientist at the Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus". Topics of interest are issues in the field of social policy.

Women are key for fixing Eastern Europe’s demographic problems (but not for the reason you may think)

Florence Bauer


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It will happen when it happens! – The vaccination entanglement in North Macedonia

Stefan Ristovski, Angel Mojsovski


Stefan Ristovski, Angel Mojsovski The number of people who are infected and have passed has increased significantly in the past period, while the epidemiological situation in the country is critical. The way the authorities are handling the crisis raises the dilemma of...