Lina Kjostarova-Unkovska




Lina Kjostarova Unkovska 120x160Lina Kjostarova-Unkovska is a clinical psychologist, majoring in trauma psychology, and the 1998 lead researcher at the Health Behavior in School Aged Children Study in Macedonia, since 1998. After 20 years of work at UKIM, as a lecturer in clinical psychology and mental health, she founded the Center for Psychosocial and Crisis Action, as an independent professional agency. The center organizes projects and intervention actions in response to the urgent need for psychosocial assistance and support for individuals, groups and communities at risk, and especially children and young people facing social and gender inequality, and endangering human and children's lives. rights, especially in conditions of weakness of the institutions of the system, affected by the uncertain and turbulent transformation of the community.