Marija Topuzovska Latkovic




Marija Topuzovska 120x160Marija Topuzovska Latkovic has been working at the Institute for Sociological and Political-Legal Research - UKIM since 2006. She is a professor of postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management and doctoral studies in Organizational Sciences (Management) and Sociology of Organization. She regularly publishes scientific papers in domestic and international scientific journals, and as a supervisor and lead researcher or member of a research team, she has participated in several national and international projects. As a member of the working group, she directly participated in the creation of the National Networking Strategy, cooperation and reduction of the outflow of highly educated and professional staff (2013-2020), as well as in the consultative process for preparation of the National Youth Strategy (2015-2026). Topics of research interest: youth and employment, organizational behavior, lifelong learning, quality of working life.