Nenad Zhivanovski




nenadNenad Zhivanovski is a freelance journalist from Skopje, living in London. He has many years of journalistic experience, collaborating with media from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Norway and Germany. He holds a degree in journalism and business management, a master's degree in European studies and a doctorate in general and comparative linguistics on the topic of hate speech in political discourse in the media.

He is the author of the books "Some Aspects of the Kosovo Crisis - Kosovo among Historical Myths and the Real European Problem", published in Germany in English, then the book "Hate Speech", published in English and Bulgarian, and "Hate Speech - Theoretical Review and Additional Research of Bulgaria in the Macedonian media ", published in Macedonian.

His focus of academic interest is the norms in the political new discourse, the geopolitics of the Balkans and the great powers and the modern relations between the Balkan peoples.