Igor Todorovic

Igor Todorovic is a journalist who specializes in finance and energy on a global level. He follows Balkan topics with an equal focus, with an emphasis on transition and overcoming the consequences of war, migration and emancipation. He has participated in several art and humanitarian projects.

The LGBTI community “torn” between hate speech and freedom of expression

Mirce Adamcevski


The attempts to prevent hate speech in the media outlets and in the social media are not showing results so...

The War in Ukraine, Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech

Mirce Adamcevski


From now on, there may be talk of the disappearance of freedom of speech, but hate speech never...

Excess of vaccines in Serbia will go to waste. Literally.

Igor Todorovic


Igor Todorovic Serbia is the first country in Europe and the seventh in the world in terms of the full vaccination coverage rate! However, judging by the government’s latest moves, the rates are stagnating. Conflicting statements and actions since the beginning of...

COVID-19 in Serbia: Elections More Important than Public Health

Igor Todorovic


Igor Todorovic Serbia’s state leadership, including a group of MDs who are in the forefront in the fight against the spread of the corona virus, to say the least, ignored the deterioration of the situation until the voting was over. To understand the actions of...