Importance of critical literacy for teachers and students when using business model canvas tools

Volume 1 | No 1 | June 2022
Karolina Babič, Pedja Ašanin Gole


The purpose of the study is to analyze canvas tools (business modeling canvases) through the critical literacy method. The main goal of the study is to enlighten the existence of the implicit assumptions and contexts of these models and to point out the importance of such conceptual and contextual analysis of canvas tools in educational processes. Critical literacy is a special attitude toward the text, and in this study, a business model canvas tool is taken as a text. The method of critical literacy education is used here as a method of analyzing the material of the research, and also as the method suggested to teachers and coaches to use it in their work when using canvas tools. So, the study itself is a sort of a demonstration of the didactical approach that is suggested to teachers. The study concludes, if teachers will teach the students the skill of critical reading of business modeling tools, they will empower students with the skill of re-creating the world, to be able to develop new business models that will lead to transforming societies in which they live.


Critical literacy, business model canvas, communication, critical pedagogy