Fitim Gashi

Fitim Gashi is a senior journalist at "KOHA Group" since 2013, covering politics, social, and justice issues in Kosovo. Gashi has 16 years of journalism experience and previously worked for "Kosova Sot", "Tribuna", "Lajm". For his work, Gashi has been awarded several prizes by local and international organizations. He also has participated in many international programs for the promotion and advancement of professional journalism. Gashi is a graduate with an MA degree in Political Science and Public Administration.

Serbian and Russian disinformation – a threat to the democratic processes of Kosovo

Fitim Gashi


Disagreements among Western Balkan countries on initiatives such as "Open Balkans" and the gaps created due to the uncertainty of the European integration processes create the ground for external actors such as Serbia, Russia, and China to push for their...

Corruption in agriculture

Fitim Gashi


Fitim Gashi “He who sows shall reap” – is an expression that means – if you plant the seeds, you will be able to enjoy the harvest later on. But many public officials and officials in Kosovo are harvesting without sowing, by being involved in a...